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Tokyo Sky Tree


For Millennia the human race has aspired to build higher. The first story that we hear of is of “The tower of Babel” in the Bible. According to legend God was so angered by the lust of man to build a tower that reached the heavens that he not only struck the tower down but also divided all communication into languages so that people would not understand each other, and thus not be able to collaborate on such foolish projects any more.

So is it not ironic that most towers of any prestige being built today are communication towers, designed to let us watch video from afar or talk to each other via internet links.

The “Tokyo Sky tree” will stand 634 meters tall once completed and is already becoming a tourist attraction of note for anyone visiting Tokyo. Tour companies are falling over each other to offer tours taking full advantage of this new landmark in our great city.

You can see if from almost anywhere on a sunny day and no doubt it is a great feat of both technological and architectural prominence but there are a few questions that always keep nagging at my mind.

- Is is clever to build such structures in a country as earthquake prone as Japan?

- What will now happen to Tokyo Tower? (Privately owned)

I am sure there are other things that come to mind as you ponder this questions but rest assure that restaurant owners in the area are happier than ever peddling “Sky Tree” bentos to visiting tourists.


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