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Mt. Fuji Run


I found these pictures along with memories long forgotten on my fellow skateboarders website and got lost in┬áremembrance for a couple of hours….

Once I came back out of my daydreaming I thought putting pen to paper seemed like a clever thing to do in just such a case as this.

So let’s start at the beginning.

I met Adam while riding my skateboard through the streets of Tokyo in 2004 when I had just moved here after University. Skateboarding is a great way to get around the city since it is not only fast but also small enough to take on trains and buses if you feel the urge. Adam was a writer/editor for an online outdoors magazine and a generally cool guy who liked all sorts of physical activity. We got to chatting and skating and exchanged numbers and promised to stay in touch.

Now in most cases this is where it ends……you never really get around to calling and/or things just kind of fade away and you never meet again. Not this time….One day I got a call from Adam saying that Concrete Wave (a longboard magazine) wanted to do a “Fuji run” and needed someone to scope out the mountain beforehand since no one could be found that had ever skated down the road on Mt. Fuji.

Was I interested?

To be one of the first people to ever descend Mt. Fuji (from the 5th stage) on a skateboard?

Damn right I was interested!!!!

We gathered in cars from around the city and drove up the mountain in the afternoon while the sun was setting. Adam had a camping car and I stayed in there being unable to sleep from excitement and just waiting for the first rays of the sun so we could roll out.

It was magic……..we started above the clouds on what was looking to be one of those blue skied glorious days and kicked off towards history.

Honestly, there were some great patches of road and some that were covered in this weird slime that was absolutely lethal if you gained too much speed. I wore out a pair of shoes from breaking and had to throw my bearings away from the salt used to keep away the ice.

But It was worth it!

Thanks to everyone who was there even though we do not stay in touch any more.

We made history on that Spring day in 2005






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