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Pick your fights


There is a song by Kenny Rogers where the chorus goes like this

“You’ve got to know when to hold em’

know when to fold em’

know when to walk away

know when to run”

I love this song. It goes much deeper than just the mindset of a degenerate gambler and all the way into the psyche of life itself.

We all face difficult situations and people every day and need to make decisions on how to deal with it. If you are weak then people will walk all over you but if you pick every single fight that comes along you end up alone link a punched up old boxer and no one will work with you.

Mayweather is finallay fighting Pacquiao and rumors are  that purses are in the 100 million dollars range. This is a fight worth taking. You might lose but the stakes are high enough that it is worth it. For years these guys have been circling each other and finally it has come down to it. They might be fighters but no way are they stupid enough to fight for free in the streets.

The same goes in your professional life. Pick the fights that are worth something. If the stakes are high enough and you feel like you have a winning chance then like Kenny Rogers says hold your poker face, your cards and go all in.

But if you are not in a strong enough position then you fold and await the right opportunity.

When you are outnumbered and possibly wrong then apologize and walk away.

When you feel the typhoon coming then you cut your losses and run as fast as your feet will carry you.


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