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Sweden in the news

Sweden Japan News

We have a new ambassador by the name of Mr. Lars Vargo here in Tokyo. Having spent 16 years in total here in Japan he is very well versed not only in language and culture but also in the way that business is performed over here.

As part of a larger campaign to promote Sweden and Swedish companies this article series was published as an advertising campaign in the Nikkei Newspaper on Monday 20th 2012.

It features the Ambassador himself and the Swedish minister of trade Ewa Bjorling, who just visited Japan to promote sustainable business for the future.

The article positions Sweden closely following Switzerland as the world leader in innovative technologies across all industries.

It is good to see that our Embassy is taking such an active role in promoting us here in Japan and it builds expectations for the “Swedish National Day” celebrations that are in the works for the beginning of June.

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