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“Even though the Nobel Prize went to Mr. Nakayama it does not mean that he did it all by himself”

The Nobel Prize has shown again the amount of weight that it carries with it.

‘Tis but a week ago that Japanese scientist Shinya Nakayama jointly won the prize for Medicine and Physiology along with fellow research Sir. Gurdon.

IPS has become an abbreviation that even the common man can recognise as something having a connection with stem cells and re-programming cells.

And along came a spider……

Mr. Moriguchi, a Japanese researcher from Tokyo University suddenly exclaims that he has taken part in no less than 6 operations that included organs artificially created from reprogrammed cells. He has now retracted all but 1 of these which he claims happened at an unspecified hospital in Massachusetts.

However diving into the madness of this blatant hi-jack operation is beyond both my comprehension and analytic skills.

What I am trying to say is:

Modern Medicine begins with Hippocrates almost 500 years b.c. The state that we see today is the evolution of countless man hours  during the course of 2500 years of research.

So while Mr. Moriguchi has obviously created a dream world where he is the “Super Scientist” that deserves recognition by all of the world, or at least Japan he might have played a bigger role in this scientific drama than we will ever know.

I would like to give credit to all the unnamed researchers and doctors out there who deserve our recognition for their work in society.

You guys are great!


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