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Mar 26, 2012 - Politics, Society    No Comments

A Greek comedy in the Japanese Diet


I rarely watch TV.

The fact that there are no good shows on or that there are just to many commercials plays a large part in this but more than anything Japanese TV just really agitates me. I am not even going to go into it in this post because it will simply set me rambling in a direction of loathing and foul words.

However yesterday, for the first time in a while, I was watching a random Japanese talk show with my wife and hear the following:

In the Japanese diet when they do open debate between parties, and also when they do question sessions for the prime minister, the whole thing is scripted!!

No way I hear you say, in a democracy with¬†publicly elected leaders no such thing would be allowed to take place. Surely this is some language misunderstanding…..

Well, to clarify what I mean (and heard) is that in advance of any such public debate the questions to be asked are handed over to the opposing party in advance so that he/she has ample time to prepare an answer for said debate…………….

I have been struggling all night trying to find a logical answer to not only why such a practice would be preferable but also why it would be allowed by the public and the press.

So now all the Japanese politicians do is to play out this pre-arranged comedy in front of not only their peers but also the country as a whole.

Again, watching TV just does me no good.

I rest my case,


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