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Oct 2, 2012 - philosophy, sport    No Comments

Accepting the inevitable


“One of mans’ greatest failures is his inability to accept the fact that he is mortal”.

In other words most of us go through life thinking that there will always be a tomorrow where you can right the wrongs of today.

Now if you ask a person whether or not he/she is immortal they shall surely sneer at you and tell you that no such thing is possible. I mean no one lives forever right?

We are taught about biology and life in school and most people have seen, if not a deceased human being, at least an animal who lost its’ life by accident or other.

So while we know through the logic of the human mind that we will at some point perish we cling to the belief that at that point someone has finally found the philosopher’s stone and will bring us back to life.

When you are facing an opponent in combat, as I know do weekly through my training for Tokyo Executive Fight Club the chances of getting hit really hard rise exponentially.

Remembering that I have put myself in this situation to test whether or not I am as tough as I think I am and also to push myself mentally and physically, an analogy of the “immortality” dilemma slowly starts taking shape.

Most people have never seriously fought another person. This is not a bad thing or a good thing, it is a simple fact. So naturally they believe that the best boxers rarely get hit.

This is WRONG.

No one is infallible.

In fact just like death is a part of life taking punches in boxing is just something that you are going to have to accept from the start.

The sooner you accept this fact the faster you can turn your attention to blocking/dodging the majority and most dangerous of whatever is coming at you. Once you can do this attack becomes possible.

So by comparison does it not seem that accepting the fact that you are mortal should make you more able to focus your energy on living?

Getting punched in the face hurts, but I can live with that!


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