Kris Kullengren

Kris Kullengren coming from Sweden started to paint at the tender age of 10. Loving adventure, I have traveled more than 30  countries from East to West  and experienced multiple cultures while making Tokyo my base for the last 14 years. All my works are inspired by this multi-cultural life and the experience it has brought me. Influenced by the most representative surrealistic artist Salvador Dali combined with the street art of Los Angeles, New York and London, my art explores the fine line between realism and surrealism and the emotions that live there. Through a surrealist approach, my art aims to express a truer reflection of life experience, humanity, emotions, spirit and idealism in the world that exists between dream and reality. With bright colors and a unique approach I am to connect contemporary people to the spiritual world they have lost through technology. 

I find inspiration in strong emotions, music, travel and human connections and use highly charged colors and a surrealistic touch to express my understanding of humanity and life in the cosmopolitan world. Although my art can have a sad touch sometimes, the work usually expresses and communicates a very positive outlook on life. In many of my works, I express my strong belief that one should seize every moment of life and live it to the fullest. You simply have face life with positivism during even the most extreme conditions that life might throw at you..

I try to embody the best of Eastern and Western cultures and through my unique life experience, my art has developed its own own unique touch on contemporary surrealism and I challenge you to look for the hidden meanings that almost all of them contain.

Art is eternal and I want to keep on doing it because it makes me feel good.
All the originals are for sale, digital copies after all, have little value anymore...

Kris Kullengren – Krs

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