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Dec 11, 2014 - Education, philosophy    No Comments

Paying for other people’s mistakes


When you challenge yourself and the systems that prevail on almost a daily basis you end up hitting a few walls along the way.

Those times hurt, a lot…

And then you pay the price, whether it be the hospital bill or the late fee at the video store, or the extra interest on that credit card bill you happened to forget about.

I learned to live with these things and take them in stride a long time ago.

The way I did it was to think of it like paying for a lesson in life  and then move on to positive things instead.

But paying for other people’s mistakes……

This one has taken a while to get my head around. After all, why should I pay for situations I did not cause nor initiate?

But I do,

So now I rationalize it by telling myself it is because I am an educator and now that I have learned I am paying for the lessons of others.

Sometimes I just wish they would learn for free,

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