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The irrelevant goal

I was always perplexed by how when a master artist draws a round circle on a white sheet of paper people will ooh and aah whereas when I would do the same no one would really care.

After all drawing a circle is something any child above three can do and I doub that most artists have an understanding of the world which is much deeper than those of us who spend their lives studying an contemplating.

This cunundrum has kept me thinking for years and I have found myself coming back to this question again and again. But you know how it is, the more you focus on a problem the further away the solution will seem and you find yourself hasing your own tail.

So I put it aside and let it stew….

Lately, since I find myself talking in front of crowds of people, I have been studying storytelling and what makes people laugh. Contrasts of course, like a large person with a squeeky voice or a foreigner who speaks Japanese like a native is funny. You play on the stereotype and then break it down.

A good story on the other hand is something to which people can relate and find connection in their own lives. It has structure to let people understand where it will finally end up, but it also twists and turns making the crowd work for their reward.

I have been using these things to improve my public speaking and ability to move a crowd and one day the answer that had been eluding me for so long hit me like lightning on a cloudless day.

The circle is irrelevant

What interests us all is how the artist got to that conclusion. What experiences has he or she had that brought them to this particular situation.

As a speaker I am already standing infront of you, this is now irrelevant.

It is what brought me here today that will captivate and spellbind you. Let me tell you my story and then you tell me if my conclusions were right.

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