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The value of critique


When you were young it seemed like not even an hour went by without some adult telling you where to not put your fingers or to finish all those nasty vegetables because for some reason they are good for you.

As you started school there were the teachers and the head-master.

Sit still

Read quietly

Study for the test

High school was kind of the same even though it is not part of mandatory schooling.

University, was an oasis of non-conformity, lack of clothing guidelines and general  laissez-faire attitude which is probably why so many corporations criticize it for not providing the type of staff that they require.

As you start your first job people are falling head over heels telling you which shirts to where, what time to come to work, (lunch is 12-1 by the way) and how to behave in the manner that fits an adult and at the same time benefits them the most.

However after a number of years working you realize that most of these rules are more like guidelines and that there are a myriad of people in (especially larger corporations) that do not conform either to the commonly agreed rules nor sometimes to basic hygiene standards.

Now why is that?

I believe that when we reach a certain age people stop giving us critique and/or we stop listening to it.

Ever tried to tell your friend he/she is wrong?

It could take an hour or two of bickering and argumentation including constant viewings and disputes as to the validity of Wikipedia to get him/her to admit to even the smallest detail of error.

So we give up….

And at work?

If it is not a glaring error or some very serious mistake chances are that your manager/boss will just tell you “not to do it again” at which point we happily ignore the advice.

And it is advice!

Most people try to correct one of your behaviors because they actually care about you. If they did not care they would simply ignore you and leave you alone.

So in the adult world when someone is giving you critique:

1. listen carefully

3. Thank them

4. Really think about what they said.

5. Get a second opinion

6. Change your behavior

It is very rare to as an adult get straight answers to anything so value these instances when they come along


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