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Jul 23, 2014 - Ethics, People, philosophy    No Comments

Mirror Image

I guess in more way than one youth and vanity go hand in hand. We believe we are not only the best thing that happened to this planet and that what we create will make gold flow from taps and diamonds rain from the sky. We are the truly immortal (which also seems to explain some of these weird vampire infatuations) and to us, the winners will come the spoils.

Vanity, fueled by the popular media has fueled this cult of fame that is daily thrown into our faces and pushed down our throats.

You are your facebook and your LinkedIn friends. Having famous or beautiful people in your circle is supposed to make you popular, sought after and generally someone that people want to be around. So we approach cool people at parties and ask them to add us and then we rejoice in the glory that they bestow on us.

On the other hand we shun those who do not add anything to our new found celebrity. Not pretty or slightly annoying and we give them not only the cold shoulder but the digital face slap that is a “Block User”

But the truth is that the people that you see around you are a mirror of you. If you think they are boring then perhaps you yourself lack intellectual luster. If you find them annoying then this might be because there is something in your personality that also annoys others.

If you want to change the environment around you then start with yourself. If you smile people around you will start smiling. If you start exercising you will be surprised at the number of people around you who are suddenly physically active.

When you look into the eyes of another you are actually looking into your own trying to find that thing that holds you both together.

The person in front of you is a mirror, smile at him/her and I promise in more cases than not they will smile right back at you.




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