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Online MBA


I was asked the other day if I had ever considered studying for an MBA.

The answer is that of course I have considered it but there are a couple of things standing in the way of me going back to school full-time to get another degree on top of the BA that I already have.

1. The cost

When I got my first job I was really and truly happy to finally be paid to learn new    things rather than paying someone else for the privilege.  Perhaps in the long run I can get my investment back but I am no way convinced that going back to school is the best option for me to learn.

2. The time

Life waits for no man and even though there are part-time, or even night classes available they are not the best fit for my lifestyle. I learn very well in the morning, less so in the afternoon and nothing at all gets through after 6pm.

3. Leaving work

Believe it or not,  but I actually love to work. I love seeing things come to fruition and the great feeling that the team gets from accomplishing a task together. Leaving that behind and go back to a class-room does just not sound all that appealing to me.


Learning does not and should not stop just because you start working. I am all for getting the knowledge that exists out there and spending my time understanding the fields necessary to become a well-rounded leader that can make decisions based on knowledge and analysis rather than just a “gut-feeling”

So of course I study.

There are no thousand of courses available for free online at some of the worlds most prestigious institutes of learning. They offer their most popular lectures over the span of weeks or months and you can study and do tasks at the time when it suits you.

Not only that but you can of course create your own curriculum to match your ambitions and push you into the future.

Last year I took

1. Introduction to Finance (University of Michigan)

This really helped me build my current business case and present it for approval in a corporate setting.

2. Gamification (University of Pennsylvania)

Gamification is a really intersting tool to have when you look at marketing products since it allows you to incorporate “game mentality” and positive feedback into tour plans.

I just signed up for

3. Foundations of Business strategy

I am an avid reader of the great historical strategists but thought it might be interesting to see the modern applications as well

And I am planning on doing a course in accounting later on in the year.

It will not cost me a penny, except for the time I spend, I get to learn from some of the best teachers in the world and at the end it will make me a stronger person.

When I get all of this for free why should I pay?


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