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Going through the motions

Going Through The Motions

“Cogito ergo sum”, “I think therefore I am” Descartes proposed as a philosophical statement to us in the 17th century while shut up in a stove into which he had taken refuge from the cold of the night.

He did not come to this now world famous conclusion by studying hard in his library or by memorizing tables and tables of fact. No, he locked himself in some kind of boiler room to escape the cold and claims he had an epiphany where the divine spirit provided him with answers.

Perhaps it was the lack of oxygen in the room which made his mind wander or it might just have been the dullness of spending all that time in a dark room alone which made his brain go off on a tangent. We will never know and in fact it does not matter since the statement has now made its way into text books, blogs, wikipedia and the minds of the literati all across the globe.

The human mind is a beautiful thing and if you feed it correctly it will astonish you with the beauty that it can create. Starved of stimulation however you will undoubtedly end up in the grey mass which is average, bleak and of very little interest to the world.

The modern world has been created for us so that we now have to do very little thinking on our own. Food comes from the supermarket rather than us having to hunt for it. Water from the tap and all you have to do is press a button and entertainment simply flows straight into your living room.

So we go through the motions……………..

Think about your normal day:

Wake up at what time?

Eat first or do you like to shower first?

Read the paper, watch the news on TV?

Get dressed, go to the bathroom and start making your way to work.

How do you get to work?

Car, Bike, Train, Walk?

Coffee before work?


Bring your own, go to a restaurant, order in?

Afternoon snack?

After work beer, workout, shopping?


Cook, ready-made, order in?

Watch TV, read a book, play a game?

What time is bed time?


“This is your life and it is ending one day at the time” ¬†Tyler Durden says in the movie fight club and he is right.

We go through the motions of our normal day like there will always be a tomorrow but this is not true.

Every day is unique and special and if you do not realize this and just keep going through the motions your are just wasting time. By going through the motions your turn yourself off and say “Fate is not in my hands, I am doing the best I can”

But this is not true.

Think about the list above again, if you can change one simple thing, then you have made something unique.

There is no need to “throw away your television” but perhaps turn it off for a whole night and see what happens.

Create randomness and uniqueness in your life and I promise that the amazing human mind that you were born with will astonish you again and again.

Carpe Diem!

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