An idea is like a seed


An idea is like a seed,you have to give it room to grow.

When you plant a seed people only focus on the outcome and the fruit that your tree will bear.

In their rush they forget that between there and now there are countless hours of caring for the seed to make it grow. Many are the obstacles on the way and the pitfalls that you must navigate in order to have oranges for your orange juice.

An idea,like a seed, needs space:

If you plant an idea in too small a space it will never grow into its full potential just like a tree in too small a pot.

An idea, like a seed, needs light:

An idea unspoken is nothing more than a pipe dream. It needs to be put into the light for critique in order to bloom.

An idea, like a seed, needs nourishment:

An idea is never finished but should always be polished upon. Keep feeding it input and just like the plant uses water your idea will expand its reach.

An idea, like a seed, needs time:

Given space, light and nourishment your idea is ready to bloom. But just like in nature things will take their natural course. Nature can not be hurried and neither can ideas. Have the courage and strength to say that the fruit is not ripe yet and therefore should not be picked until it is.

If you can adhere to these rules perhaps your idea will flourish and you and those around you will have sweet tasting oranges.

But if you give into pressure maybe you will find that the oranges are still hard and bitter and instead of praise you will be scorned for growing such low quality produce.

After all, no one likes a bitter orange…..

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