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The greater good


“If you can not say something positive it is better to say nothing at all”

Is there power in a name?

In the extreme essence there are two schools of thought here. The first school adamantly proclaiming that your name impacts your whole life and your decisions since it is after all what everyone calls you. The other, with equal determination, claims that there is no power in the name of the thin, or in this case person so whether it be Steve or Damien it makes no difference.

I believe naming a thing gives it power.

My name is Kristoffer

If you split it into the two parts you get:

Krist = Christ

Offer = Sacrifice

The story of Kristoffer is that he was a ferry man who carried people on his back/shoulders across a large river. One day a small child came along and asked to be carried across the river. Kristoffer accepted but as he started his walk across the weight of the child kept growing and growing. Unable to continue any further he asked the child “How can it be that you are so heavy when your body is so small” at which the child replied “I am the saviour in disguise and therefore you are carrying the whole world on your shoulders”

So Kristoffer sacrificed himself for the greater good.

Since I also believe that faith is in the heart and not in the church or religion you choose let me take another example.

If you read Mayan history you will find tales of people willingly climbing the pyramids to face their deaths in the interest of the greater good. Protesters stand in front of tanks or set fire to themselves to stop a greater evil and therefore become the sacrifice of all of us.

After what I felt was a huge mistake on the part of the powers that be this last Friday I was extremely unhappy. I had just spent 4 months working really hard towards my goal.

I wanted to shout and rebel and tell everyone that they were wrong and I was right but I have a code that I try my best to live by:

“If you can not say something positive it is better to say nothing at all”

So I bit my cheeks as I often do and spent the week-end looking for that ray of sunshine amongst the clouds.

And then I realised:

My/Our sacrifice in the ring collected 60,000 US dollars to save people from the hardships of Breast Cancer.

I might not be willing to climb a pyramid to have my throat cut but I am more than happy to sacrifice some of my pride and time to help a large amount of women from hardship.

Once I realised this I was ready to let this disappointment  go. After all, my pride is a very small and insignificant prize to pay for saving someone’s life

As long as we stay healthy we are winners in life!



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