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Are you a Fillidutt?


Life is a strange and sometimes very interesting journey.

When I left my home town 17 years ago it did not enter my mind that I would end up trying to do something with one of my friends. At the time I just wanted to get away and Japan was where I ended up.

Last month saw me take a short trip to Shanghai as part of an ongoing project. It is always good to know someone locally and as I started thinking through my old friends I remembered that at least one of them lives in Shanghai.

Not thinking too much about it I decided to send a quick mail to see if my friend Fredrik Wannius would be around.


Sure enough he had just come back from our home town in Sweden and we decided to meet up for a beer, or two…..

Once we got to talking it turns out that Fredrik imports Swedish candy to China where he has been selling it to the locals with great success.

One of the things I actually really miss about Sweden is the loose weight candy that we have. You can pick and choose and thus mix something that suits your mood at the time.


There is no such thing as Fillidutt loose weight candy in Asia and I must applaud my friend for his genius in bringing it here.

I see a great future for Fillidutt both in China and quite possibly here in Japan as well.

In China Fredrik has gone as far as to start a racing team!!



The first step here in Japan is the Fillidutt Fighter Candy Man.

Not only a great lover of candy but also a hard working show-man he is currently relentlessly honing his skills for an upcoming fight on Nov 16th at the Grand Hyatt in Tokyo.

Let there be candy!

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