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Google Inc. vs Kristoffer Kullengren

Google Inc. vs Kristoffer Kullengren

This is the subject of an e-mail that found its way into my inbox as late as yesterday. To what purpose you say? Well, let me tell you what happened.

I am a bit of a collector of domain names. In a way I kind of see it as an investment even though I know it is quite doubtful that I shall ever see any of it bear fruit. So every now and then I will sit down and just randomly check nice domain names with my registrar to see if they are available for registration. Perhaps one of these days the owner of simply forgets to renew his registration, you never know….

Anyways, as I was browsing for names I started adding the prefix google to everything just out of curiosity. googlebike, googlehorse, googlethis, googlethat, just being silly really……But low and behold, no one has registered the name How intriguing…..

So of course I registered the name, more out of curiosity than any other reason. I knew well that if challenged I would have no right to the name nor would I ever really be able to make money out of it since this would not be “fair right of use” mainly because the domain name has the world famous “google” in it.

For a while I ran a blog on the domain with all kinds of weird stuff. I even posted an article there called “Social Experiment” which talked about me registering the name and the fact that it ranked top out of 30 million search hits. And nothing happened……I thought for sure that I would get at least angry e-mail to amuse myself with but the lack of any sort of repercussions was a little bit confusing.

So I close down the blog and thought I would simply let the matter be. In fact I really forgot about the whole thing, until yesterday that is…

“Complaint Transmittal Cover Sheet

To: Kristoffer Kullengren / Kristoffer Kullengren, Respondent
From: Google Inc., Complainant
Cc: National Arbitration Forum
Date: March 1, 2012

The attached Complaint is being filed against you with the National Arbitration Forum (the
“Forum”) pursuant to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the “Policy”)
adopted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) on October
24, 1999 and incorporated in your Registration Agreement with the Registrar of your domain
name(s). By submitting this Complaint to the Forum, the Complainant agrees to abide and be
bound by the provisions of the Policy, the ICANN Rules, and the Forum’s Supplemental Rules”

For a second I thought about it and then wrote a mail to the google lawyers saying that I would peacefully hand it over.

Should I not have ICANN would have ruled in favour of Google Inc. and then forcefully taken the name from me.

So if you are wondering what happens if you were to register the name of a well established company out there, this is it.


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