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Joining the Oxfam trailwalker 2012


There is nothing like a good challenge.

It gives you an opportunity to set a goal and prepare yourself as best you can to achieve it. It also provides you with a way of testing yourself to if you are really as good or tough as you think you are.

Because admit it, in our minds we are all pretty much professional skiers/runners/sailors/golfers or whatever else we enjoy doing in our spare time…..

So the goal has been set!

100Km in 48 hrs together with 3 other members of a team. The team I am joining is the BNP Paribas Bank which was short a member and needed some help from a Swedish viking. Well, they needed some help and I was there, I just thought it sounded like a cool thing to say…

The course runs in the Hakone area and sleeping will be done outside if at all…..checking the results from last year the winning team did the 100Km in 16hrs and 44 min which is kind of crazy when you think of it.

I doubt we will be anywhere near that but I have already started training by getting off my bike and in to my jogging shoes. I am planning to start walking home from work (10km) and build myself up to a run in the next couple of weeks. After that I guess we have to do some training hikes to get the feeling of each others tempo and to break in my spanking new hiking shoes.

Once we get closer perhaps the size of the task will get more daunting but at the moment it simply feels great to have a challenge in front of me.

I have prepared my colleagues for the fact that they might have to carry me around for a few days after due  to muscle pain and they have all agreed!

Now let’s see how strong we really are!


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